Nutritional Services

How Does Nutrition Fit Into Chiropractic Services?

At Park County Chiropractic, our emphasis is on highly individualized care. When a patient has a condition that appears to involve a pathological process versus a purely mechanical one, we suggest that the patient consider assessments for possible nutritional deficiencies and dietary strategies. Dr. Dobelbower is certified by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and as such many patients come to him specifically for nutritional and herbal care. Proper diet and nutrition supports all healing pathways, helping the body to heal and enjoy new levels of health.

If the body is not experiencing proper nourishment, it may have a difficult time healing or improving health. If you are experiencing any of the following, you are a good candidate for nutritional and herbal support:

  • Slow healing or frequent injuries
  • Frequent illness and colds
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems (heartburn, gerd, acid reflux)
  • Menstrual dysfunctions
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Food Sensitives
  • Allergies
  • Dry skin and/or hair
  • Bowel dysfunction (loose stools, constipation)
  • Bad breath
  • Inability to handle stress
  • Support body during physical activities (running, biking, yoga, races, etc)

If you are experiencing any of the above or you have other symptoms or problems and want to find out if nutritional and herbal care might be right for you, feel free to call (406) 222.9373 and talk with Dr. Dobelbower.

How Are Nutritional Needs Assessed?

To determine the needs of each patient, we use a Body Systems Analysis process. This system was developed by Dr. Stuart White and includes an examination of all major systems, bodily organs and a wide variety of health indicators.

Dr. Dobelbower will take time to look at areas of the body like the eyes, finger nails, tongue, skin, etc.  He spends time listening to your health history and asking questions that relate to how your body is responding to the stress of daily living.

In addition, laboratory analysis, like blood, urine, saliva and hair tests, may be used to better understand current health status. A persons health history and current health conditions and lifestyle factors are used to assist in understanding a patient’s current health needs.

A non-invasive Phase Angle analysis is often used to better understand how your body is functioning at the cellular level. This is a bioimpedance analysis (BIA) that is an objective means for establishing a nutritional baseline for each patient. Having this baseline allows increased efficiency of care and adds another level of ensuring positive progress during treatment.

All of this allows Dr. Dobelbower to make individualized recommendations for diet, professional-grade whole food and herbal supplements, and lifestyle changes based on body indicators, laboratory information and clinical experience.

When the patient is ready, the doctor appears.  -Ancient Proverb