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Welcome to the Health Practitioners’ area where once you have signed in, you can access special information, teleconferences and other activities. Access is free to any qualified health practitioner. If you’re new, you can sign up by using the contact form below.

We currently offer regular monthly Nutrition Collaboration Teleconferences as a forum for sharing nutritional knowledge & information and to create ongoing collaboration in providing the best possible care for ourselves and our patients.

If you have already received the user name and password access information or are already signed in, please click here to go the Teleconference Access page.

You can find the notes for each of the monthly Nutrition Collaboration teleconferences and other helpful documents to support your practice as well as find out about other special discussions and events.

If you would like to access to this area and have not yet signed up, please contact us for the user name and password by using the Contact Form below or call us at 406-222-9373.  You can also contact Standard Process West to sign up for the teleconference.

If you have any topics or materials to share or if you have any questions for Dr Dobelbower, or any of the presenters, please let us know. If you would like to present a topic in the coming months, please call or use the contact form below.

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