Rats Don’t Cause Garbage Dumps!

What makes a person contagious? Is it their smile? Their laugh? The pathogens they exude while acutely ill? Contagiousness is not determined by what they have or do, but rather how receptive you are to those signals. A person’s contagious laugh is only as powerful as my underlying mood. If my mood is bad it’s not going to affect me. This brings me to an issue that concerns many patients I see and it goes something like this. “Doc, I need to cancel my appointment. I’m sick and I’m afraid of passing it on to you.” While I appreciate their concern for my welfare, what they don’t understand is that their germs can only affect me if my resistance is poor.
When is flu/cold season? Flu season starts in the fall and proceeds through the early winter, tapering off in early spring. Did you ever wonder why? I believe it’s because this is the time of year when weather, lack of daylight, physical and emotional stress, poor diet, and cultural issues put more burden on our body’s defense mechanisms.
It’s fair to say flu season is basically from Halloween to Valentine’s Day. Halloween sets off the flu season as we begin burdening our systems with sugar laden treats. Sugar is the second most powerful immune system burden behind stress. So on top of that candy binge, what stresses play a role? Shortening days, seasonal weather, school and work burdens, hunting season and its associated sleep deprivation all start the process of burdening our systems.
Thanksgiving is next with a heaping helping of overconsumption. Our body’s biggest interface with the external environment occurs in our gut lining. Our immune systems largest workload is investigating incoming food for toxins, pathogens and parasites. Think of your gut like the local post man during the holidays. Imagine how hard and how much your immune system is going through when it inspects each parcel of food you consume to check for dangerous foreign substances. All of that checking takes extra energy and this overconsumption, further burdens your immune system.
The weeks leading up to Christmas are full of excitement and wonder – and stress. Snow, lack of sun, and lack of exercise along with decorations, decisions, shopping, parties, more sugar (alcohol too) and overconsumption! Most of us are aware of the stress that surrounds the holiday season, its no wonder this is the time of year when most people are given a forced holiday called sick leave.
New Years adds to the chaos with more sleep deprivation, consumption (particularly alcohol), financial worries and deadlines for year end.
You can see now how the accumulating stressors have taken most people to the point of succumbing to seasonal bugs, particularly the flu. By mid January flu season starts to slow down. But, little spikes of flu will occur with an upswing shortly after super bowl Sunday, then with Valentines Day chocolates, tax season stress, and usually last is the Easter candy weekend.
Being a doctor not only means being a teacher, it is also practicing what I preach. Thus I take very good care of myself to protect against the effects of being compromised by a patient’s illness. You can do this as well by paying attention to these issues by limiting or eliminating sweets, recognizing situations where overconsumption is possible and practicing moderation in both food and drink. Getting plenty of rest and some sunlight, along with some exercise will all go further in preventing the flu and other winter infections than any shot ever will.
Get an ADJUSTMENT! Research has shown that regular chiropractic adjustments increase a person’s immune function. THAT’S RIGHT!!! Getting adjusted optimizes your immune system. Researchers compared CD4 (immune system cells that fight infections of all varieties) cell levels in AIDS patients over the course of 6 months. One group was given regular chiropractic adjustments while the control group received none. The chiropractic patients showed a 48% increase in CD4 levels while those in the control group showed a declining CD4 count (-7%). Who needs a new AIDS drug, get your butt adjusted. When did that Study come out? 1989! Other studies have been performed on successfully reducing fevers; others show decreased severity and length of a host of different kinds of infections. The bottom line is this: If you have a fever, GET ADJUSTED. If you have a sniffle, GET ADJUSTED. If you feel nauseated or sick to your stomach or are suffering from diarrhea, GET ADJUSTED. If you are vomiting and you have a headache and etc., etc., etc. GET ADJUSTED!
Understandably, there are times when you are feeling so ill that you couldn’t safely operate your automobile or leave the toilet or whatever, but what you should understand, UNDENIABLY is this, getting adjusted and minding your daily habits will prevent infections and help improve your immune reaction when you are currently ill, thus taking contagion out of the question.
Remember, rats don’t cause garbage dumps, garbage dumps attract rats.

“If the ‘germ theory of disease’ were correct, there’d be no one living to believe it.” BJ Palmer

Dr. Stephen Y. Dobelbower

Dissecting an ABSURD Argument, Part 2

Let’s say that another way for clarity!



Who spun the message, to make it say the opposite? You’re guess is as good as mine, but I have an idea who. SO, Science Daily has apparently taken this story from materials provided by the Imperial College of London, and recycled it. It was worked by the editorial staff, but no name to the original author, why? No self respecting journalist would put their name on this. It reeks of a copy and pasted Wikipedia entry being handed in for a high school report, but worse than that, it’s the propagation of a LIE; A lie not for the benefit of a sick public, but to improve the pharmaceutical company’s bottom line.

You may be thinking, what about men, can they be helped by statin drugs? Yes they can be according to the data. Really! Men can be helped by a statin medication? Yes, there is a 1.5% absolute reduction in risk for men between the ages of 30 and 69. So statistically you would have to treat 67 men in that age range (with high CVD risk factors) to benefit one person. In medical lingo that’s called the NNT or number needed to treat. Dr. Nortin Nadler, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill quoted the following, “ Anything over an NNT of 50 is worse than a lottery ticket: there may be no winners.”

So, statistically the benefit is not worth the risk or expense!

Now this Dr. Francis from the National Heart and Lung Institute at the Imperial University of London is suggesting that small dose statin drug distributed at a fast food joint next to the ketchup packs (seriously!) will lower your cardiovascular risk by approximately the same amount that the meal would increase it. Is that just one cheeseburger and milkshake or is it one every day? He asserts that it doesn’t really matter, if you rarely eat or regularly eat inappropriately, taking a dose with each inappropriate meal would counteract its ill effects.

“It’s ironic that people are free to take as many unhealthy condiments in fast food outlets as they like, but statins, which are beneficial to heart health, have to be prescribed,” Dr Francis said.

Again, Dr. Francis is apparently not digesting the medical literature that outright says that statins do not lower cardiovascular risk. However, he would gladly distribute a DRUG at a fast food restaurant next to the condiments. I see more than a few ways that could be abused and misused to a serious threat to public health.

Theoretical arguments spur thought. Take for example, who would win a fight between Batman and Superman. Multiple thought processes can reason through this idea. In the same way Dr. Francis is taking the two assertions, fast food causes heart disease and statins reduce risk of heart disease, and pitting them against one another.

Here’s my advice. Statin Drugs will protect you against fast food induced cardiovascular risk as well as Superman will protect you against an attack by Lex Luthor. Both arguments sap your intellectual activity and serve no practical purpose. These arguments are imagined and excessively theoretical, and therefore a distraction from more practical matters. Moreover, the benefits of statin drugs are IMAGINED just like a fight between Batman and Superman. Leave it to lousy journalists to package whatever nonsense they can find so they can fill up newspaper or broadcast space and sell it to us as validated scientific fact.

Dissecting an ABSURD Argument, Part 1

A colleague of mine recently posted a link to this article on Facebook and while reading it I couldn’t help but hold my nose.

Here’s a short excerpt and the link.

“Statins reduce the amount of unhealthy “LDL” cholesterol in the blood. A wealth of trial data has proven them to be highly effective at lowering a person’s heart attack risk In a paper published in the American Journal of Cardiology, Dr Darrel Francis and colleagues calculate that the reduction in cardiovascular risk offered by a statin is enough to offset the increase in heart attack risk from eating a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Dr Francis, from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, who is the senior author of the study, said: “Statins don’t cut out all of the unhealthy effects of burgers and fries. It’s better to avoid fatty food altogether. But we’ve worked out that in terms of your likelihood of having a heart attack, taking a statin can reduce your risk to more or less the same degree as a fast food meal increases it.”   http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/08/100812083608.htm

I would agree that statins do indeed lower LDL cholesterol in the blood. However, I would like to see this WEALTH of trial data proving to lower a person’s heart attack risk. I suspect, though NO citations are given for this wealth of data, they are referring to the number of studies created by the US National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP). This government backed agency was created and funded by guess who…..wait for it…the same drug companies that profit from the sale of those same statin drugs. But wait, did anyone actually read the studies that were performed by the NCEP. Definitely not this journalist (or in this case the editorial staff)! If you actually look at those numerous studies it says, THERE IS NO BENEFIT TO TAKING STATIN MEDICATIONS.

Dr. James Wright and Dr. John Abramson did read each of those NCEP studies and released this statement in the January 2007 edition of the Lancet, “in support of statin therapy for the primary prevention of this disease (heart disease) in women and people aged over 65 years, the 2001 US National Cholesterol Education Program guidelines cite seven and nine randomized trials respectively. Yet not one of the studies provides such evidence.” (Emphasis added is mine!). So what Dr. Wright and Abramson are telling us is the studies that the US government and the drug companies used to tell us to take statin medications actually tell us they are INEFFECTIVE at preventing adverse heart events in ANYBODY OVER 65 or ANY WOMAN PERIOD.